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World Vision

Active in almost 100 countries around the globe, World Vision tackles humanity’s biggest challenges (poverty and injustice) with a heart for the smallest members of society: our children. That mission spans from disaster relief and water sanitation, to preven­tative health care, with child sponsorship at its foundation. Journey Group’s work aims to make real to World Vision readers the beauty, struggle and hope of this mission.

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Building on a print heritage

Since 1999, we’ve collaborated via strategy, design and production on a print magazine that conveys to donors the impact of World Vision’s work worldwide—work that these donors make possible. In 2014, we were asked to establish a media strategy that would strengthen World Vision’s digital publishing as well, and increase its subscriber base. Now, using WebEdition, World Vision editors craft an intuitive reading experience that’s accessible from any web-ready device.

World Vision magazine, Fall 2012
World Vision magazine, Spring 2015
World Vision magazine, Summer 2014

Visionary news now

In addition to quarterly magazine content, World Vision needed a platform for conveying—quickly—how world events affect its ministry communities. So we created a new website, World Vision Now, to specifically push out timely updates. World Vision editors can now choose the appropriate medium (magazine or news site) for the type of message (in-depth or urgent).

Your World Vision

World Vision invited us to help craft customizable presentations for some of its most valuable partners: churches. We created an app that enables staff members to upload different images and stories to share with individual churches—tapping into specific passions for these worldwide efforts. This personalized approach helps build a commitment to “my World Vision” among the thousands of churches that support the work.

Complex problems, immersive experiences

At times, World Vision invites its donors to pay close attention to a specific area of need, or to the humanitarian challenges or triumphs of one country. For these explorations, Journey creates immersive narratives—combining crucial graphics, emotional interviews and compelling multimedia as a way to make World Vision’s work more tangible and poignant.

“During our 16 years collaborating together, we’ve come to trust Journey Group as a partner, enough to be open to new explorations.

— Jane Sutton-Redner, Editorial Director/​Content Curation/​Mobilization, World Vision