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U.S. Postal Service

The Postal Service reaches nearly every American life. Yet few know the stories behind the stamps that carry letters and packages across the country—stamps that serve as a diverse, beautiful record of American history and culture. Journey Group helps tell the vibrant stories surrounding these tiny canvases.

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Curation is communication

Since 2007, we’ve provided design, production and marketing strategies for Stamp Services, a division of the Postal Service. Initially, we brought a discerning eye for curation to USA Philatelic, a catalog for stamp enthusiasts that needed to balance lots of information with ease of engagement. Then in 2014, we launched Stamps in Season for the general public—a booklet available at local post offices that showcases stamps most appealing to busy parents, brides and letter-writers. For both, we edit for the audience, elevating the things they most care about.

USA Philatelic, 2014 / Volume 19 / Quarter 1
USA Philatelic, covers
Stamps in Season, Spring 2014

From postage to pixels

While our work started in print, we soon began brainstorming ways to help the Postal Service speak to its many online communities: stamp collectors, yes, but also fans of a particular stamp subject and individuals reviving the art of letter-writing. We now connect with them via USPS Stamps, a digital magazine that explores the beauty and history at the corner of an everyday envelope. Our team of developers also built the system to deliver these stories—one that makes the complex beautifully simple.

Storytelling for the senses

As we started telling stories through USPS Stamps, we saw an opportunity to increase visibility for the Postal Service—and bring stamps to a younger crowd—by creating content distinctly for the web. Multisensory stories and videos leverage the medium to bring to life the talent of the stamp world.

Holding onto the tangible

As tactile objects become more precious in a pixel-driven world, we create products that Postal Service customers can collect and hold: everything from glossy coffee-table books to notecards with matching stamps.

U.S. Postal Service 2014 Stamp Yearbook
Stamp product: Inverted Jenny
Stamp product: Nature of America

Stewards of culture and stamps

More than currency for sending mail, stamps are icons. They’re visual shorthand for the best parts of the American story. Curating the nearly 50 stamps produced annually is a small team of art directors—the individuals who recruit top design talent, choose the right typography and guide the creative process. Among them is Journey Group’s own creative director Greg Breeding, who’s responsible for portraying stamp subjects (such as Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, even Harry Potter) in a way that best captures their essence.