Journey Group brings unconventional expertise to every project. Whether it’s our depth of knowledge in a particular sector or the depth of skill in our print and digital studios, we draw on decades of honed experience to tell clients’ stories well.

Our accounts team becomes part of your team, eager to understand and tackle your biggest challenges, carrying the mission of your organization forward. Like reporters chasing a lead, we bring journalistic curiosity to every client engagement. We ask the questions that rarely get asked. This spirit of inquiry animates every step of our process.

We push against the expectation that we’ll simply produce a deliverable and then walk away. We want to serve you and earn the right to keep on serving you. Journey Group endeavors to travel with our clients through many seasons, and we strive to make that feeling mutual. The longevity of our partner relationships has been a top Journey Group priority since the beginning. We approach each new project with this long-term, long-trek mindset.

Good design depends on a proven approach. Here’s ours.


Define vision.

We learn where you’re coming from and where you want to go. Through a robust discovery, scoping and sense-making process, we kick off your project by shaping a plan that first identifies and then maps a route to your destination. Our studio managers oversee every step of the process, shepherding each project from start to finish, so that all work is on time, on budget and on brand.

Develop culture.

Balancing insight and intuition, our small teams of specialists craft your story. Our digital designers, content strategists and developers make and then execute a plan for your organization’s new online expression. Our print designers, art directors and production experts devise the best way for your brand to live on paper. Solving problems and directing narratives is at the heart of our empathetic design practice: We tirelessly shape, select, edit and create—all with the goal of galvanizing your organization’s culture and inspiring belief from your audience.

Deliver experiences.

The final product, whether in print or on screens, conveys a renewed vision for your organization. We engage your audience with carefully chosen images and words, employing metaphor and memory to create long-lasting impressions. Because human-centered design doesn’t end with the deliverable. Our work tells a story that endures long after a reader shelves the publication or a site visitor closes a browser window.