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We’ve joined forces with some of the greatest brands in the world to uncover, shape and share their stories. To learn more about our work on behalf of these organizations, give us a call at 434-961-2500.

University of Virginia
United States Postal Service
World Vision


Greg Breeding


For Greg, strong communication—visual or spoken—is always about clarity. A graphic designer at heart and by trade, Greg’s decidedly Swiss perspective is shaped by years designing magazines, art-directing postage stamps for the Postal Service and taking an annual pilgrimage to (where else?) Switzerland to study the craft. Since co-founding Journey Group in 1992, he’s brought strong design thinking to our many client relationships, building rapport through genuine interest, well-told stories and a subtle Southern drawl.

Ron Londen

Partner + Producer

Between creative lives as a photo­journalist and writer, video­grapher and strategist, it’s tempting to call Ron a generalist. Yet we’ve come to believe he’s a specialist, in crafting messages. Incisive messages. For Ron, images and words become tools to expose the heart of a moment or story. Lately he brings this keen perspective to bear through video production and brand positioning at Journey. And his notorious clumsiness—and deep devotion to Apple products—endears him to us.

Mike Ryan

Creative Director, Print Studio

As a designer, Mike pursues the intersection of beauty, composition and efficiency. As a leader, he embraces iteration and critique as grounds for collaboration and connection. And as the director of our print studio, he melds the two, overseeing designers who create print pieces with an artisanal feel. It’s no coincidence he’s the son of a pressman.

Zack Bryant

Creative Director, Digital Studio

With an uncanny ability to size-up challenges and spot solutions, Zack leads Journey’s team of coders, designers and writers who craft digital projects that are, above all, goal-driven and people-centered. Along the way, he’s dogged about carving the right path from intention to outcome, pursuing results in which pixels on screens give way to memorable experiences. Just don’t get between him and the coffeemaker.

Christa Dickerson

Operations Director

Christa reinforces daily what we sometimes forget to be true: Structure is vital (not stifling) to creative work. Her background in finance, plus 14 years in sales and marketing for the construction industry, was perfect cross training for leading our studio managers to deliver work that’s on-time, on-budget and right-on. And she does it at a chipper velocity that leaves us all amazed.

Judy Grover

Managing Director

With her proprietary blend of kindness, pragmatism and focus, Judy facilitates planning and growth at Journey. Drawing on experiences ranging from the Treasury Department to a healthcare startup, she’s familiar with the up-and-downs of organizational life and quick to endorse best practices. Clear communication is chief among them. And cocktails.

Jon Thompson

Accounts Director

Jon is a master at translating big conference-room ideas into actionable communication strategies. Building on a background in music-entertainment marketing (for the record, he can sing and sorta breakdance) he’s become a trusted voice with every brand we serve. Jon’s work is always, always, about people first. Encounter his warm hospitality, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.


In 1992, we opened shop designing a single print publication. Today, we still believe in magazines—made with ink and pixels—because of the meaningful ways they reward attention.

Our roots in magazine-making have taught us to design for a relationship with the viewer. To find the service within the story. And to never—ever—be boring. These lessons in visual storytelling have become a springboard into far-ranging creative projects on behalf of our clients and ourselves.

Continuing to create more and more digital content, we’ve become dissatisfied with the available tools for publishing content online. So we sought to engineer our own magazine-making platform for the web. Based upon decades of learning and built from the ground up by our own team, WebEdition helps organizations tell their stories online, both beautifully and effectively.

So we can keep playing with ideas, we create Story Matters—a publication for those who bring stories to life. Here, where philosophy meets form, we share our findings and talent alongside input from other industry leaders. We also publish a blog to explore the practical, daily questions we encounter in the world of editorial design.