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Journey Group’s strateg­ists, editors, designers and coders tell stories that deepen loyalties and encourage action.


We’ve joined forces with some of the greatest brands in the world to uncover, shape and share their stories. To learn more about our work on behalf of these organizations, give us a call at 434-961-2500.


Greg Breeding

President & Creative Director

Since graduating from Virginia Common­wealth University in 1985, Greg has brought his knack for visual storytelling to many great magazines. He’s also taught design courses all over the world and is currently one of four art directors for the U.S. Postal Service.

Hope Voelkel

Content Director

With more than a decade of storytelling experience and an MFA in writing, Hope knows how to deliver the right message at the right time in the right way. She leads a team of writers, editors, photographers and videographers in communicating the essence of ideas, needs and, most importantly, the story.

Ron Londen

Partner & Client Strategist

Ron has been involved with Journey since its inception and joined the team officially in 1995. His work as a writer, photographer, video producer and strategist has helped him tell powerful stories from five continents on behalf of our clients.

Jon Thompson

Accounts — Charlottesville, Va.

After six years of brand marketing and eCommerce for MusicToday/​LiveNation, Jon joined Journey’s team in 2011, connecting his role as a pract­itioner to that of an advocate and account champion. He leads our client service team in asking the right questions to shape the right end products.

Judy Grover

Managing Director

Equipped with an MBA from Virginia Tech, Judy has worked in organizations both large and small—from an analyst at the U.S. Department of Treasury to marketing at a start-up in the health care industry. She joined Journey in 2008 and facilitates communication, planning and growth at Journey.

Mike Ryan

Design Director

With a keen eye for organization and beauty, Mike points our team of designers towards excellence in visual storytelling. Under Mike’s leadership, Journey’s client work has been celebrated by FOLIO, Communication Arts, Print, and HOW Design.

Sam Voelkel

Accounts — Charlottesville, Va.

With a background in media and five years in the pharmaceutical industry, Sam brings an empathetic ear and an honest approach to new client relationships at Journey.

Zack Bryant

Strategy Director

Zack’s background in service design shapes his approach to creative strategy. Clarifying goals and building consensus around actionable ideas, he leads Journey’s clients toward fresh perspectives on real-world challenges.


In 1992, we opened shop designing a single print publication. Today, we still believe in magazines—made with ink and pixels—because of the meaningful ways they reward attention.

Our roots in magazine-making have taught us to design for a relationship with the viewer. To find the service within the story. And to never—ever—be boring. These lessons in visual storytelling have become a springboard into far-ranging creative projects on behalf of our clients and ourselves.

Continuing to create more and more digital content, we’ve become dissatisfied with the available tools for publishing content online. So we sought to engineer our own magazine-making platform for the web. Based upon decades of learning and built from the ground up by our own team, WebEdition helps organizations tell their stories online, both beautifully and effectively.

So we can keep playing with ideas, we create Story Matters—a publication for those who bring stories to life. Here, where philosophy meets form, we share our findings and talent alongside input from other industry leaders. We also publish a blog to explore the practical, daily questions we encounter in the world of editorial design.